Héctor Lotero
Birth name Héctor Lotero Paredes
Occupation Soldier

August 17, 1969
Apartadó, Colombia

Cause of death Killed by explosion
Attack information
Date August 17, 1969
Location(s) Apartadó, Colombia
Target(s) Bar "Marilú"
Killed 3-4
Injured 25-30
Weapon(s) Hand grenade

Héctor Lotero Paredes was a Colombian soldier who killed at least three people and seriously wounded thirty others at the bar "Marilú" in Apartadó, Colombia during the night of August 17, 1969.

Lotero, a member of the Batallón Girardot in Medellín, was part of a contingent of 80 soldiers who were transferred to the town for an undisclosed mission. From the early hours on the aforementioned date he drank alcohol at various establishments, before coming to the bar "Marilú". When the owner, Elkin Bodher, ordered him to leave, because he was drunk and aggressive, Lotero took out a grenade and pulled the pin. Angel Mosquera Hurtado, one of the customers, realised the danger and lunged at him, but could not prevent the explosion.

Besides Lotero and Mosquera two waitresses succumbed to their injuries, while 16 of the wounded were taken to a hospital in Chigorodó, and the remaining 14 to Turbo. According to other reports five people were killed in the incident and 25 more were wounded.[1][2]


Among those killed were:

  • Angel Mosquera Hurtado
  • Herminia Palacio Becerra

Among those wounded were:

  • Jorge Luis Arroyave
  • Marta Alvarez
  • José I. Becerra
  • Dario Córdoba
  • Marta Durango
  • Gloria Ester Montoya
  • José Mosquera Luna
  • Prisciliano Mosquera
  • Mariá Isabel Palacio
  • Luis Angel Pérez
  • Gabriel Tangarife


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