Getulio Lillini
Born ca. 1926

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Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date February 22, 1950
Location(s) Filottrano, Italy
Killed 2
Injured 23

Getulio Lillini was an Italian who killed two people and wounded 23 others in Filottrano, Italy on February 22, 1950. He committed suicide a few days later.[1][2][3]

That night Lillini entered the home of his fiancee, 17-year-old Maria Mammoli, and killed her with six shots. Afterwards he rushed into the street and fired at the girl's neighbours Aurelio Angeletti and Gino Strappini, who tried to stop him, killing the former and seriously wounding the latter, and also shot and wounded Mammoli's mother and brother when they fled from the house. He then rushed through the town and shot anyone who crossed his path, including three police officers, who were wounded when they attempted to arrest him. He eventually took refuge in a pinewood nearby.[4]

He left a note reading: "I am forced to do this. I am sorry if the innocent suffer, but I can't help it."[5]


  • Aurelio Angeletti, 43
  • Maria Mammoli, 17


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