George Bergonia
Occupation Militiaman
Attack information
Date April 30, 1994
Location(s) Mocag, Philippines
Killed 5
Injured 7
Weapon(s) M-16 assault rifle

George Bergonia was a Filipino CAFGU militiaman who killed five people and wounded seven others at a wedding reception in Mocag, a village in Baggao, Philippines on April 30, 1994.[1][2][3]

Angered, because he had been excluded from the festivities by the village chief for being drunk and inadequately dressed, Bergonia took an M-16 assault rifle and first fired into the air, but when his uncle ordered him to stop, he aimed his weapon at the people and began shooting indiscriminately. Leaving his uncle, another wedding guest, and three passers-by dead at the scene Bergonia fled together with two of his brothers.[4][5][6]

He was arrested afterwards, but escaped from prison in 1995 and eluded capture for six years. Being wanted for multiple rape, multiple murder, and robbery he was eventually taken into custody on December 19, 2001, after being wounded in a 10-minute shootout with police.[7][8]


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