Franco Salomon
Occupation Worker
Born ca. 1966
Attack information
Date January 4, 1997
Location(s) Taichung County, Taiwan
Killed 0
Injured 14
Weapon(s) Two knives

Franco Salomon was a Filipino worker who injured 14 people in Taichung County, Taiwan on January 4, 1997. Franco, who was depressed because his wife had abandoned their child and run away with another man, took two knives and attacked workers at a factory of the Taiwan Glass Industry Corp., wounding in the process six Filipinos and three Thais, one of them with six stabs in the chest. The 30-year-old also stabbed himself, and when police arrived at the scene resisted arrest and injured five policemen, before he was eventually subdued.[1][2][3][4][5]


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