Fort Biloel amok case
Date October 8/9, 1876
Location(s) Fort Biloel, Dutch East Indies
Target(s) Soldiers
Killed 3-5
Injured 16-17
Perpetrator Buginese

During the night from October 8 to October 9, 1876 a Buginese soldier killed at least three people and seriously wounded 17 others at Biloel, a benting (fort) in Aceh, Dutch East Indies, before being killed with revolvers and bayonets by the other soldiers.

The man, who was described as quiet and reserved, had taken part in a military campaign in the area on September 3 and September 4 and for his bravery during the attack on an Achinese fort was nominated for the Military William Order. Other sources reported he killed five people and wounded 16 more, among the latter a warrant officer named Nijst.[1][2][3][4][5]


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