Flash Point: The American Mass Murderer
Flash Point - The American Mass Murderer
Author(s) Michael D. Kelleher
Published 1997
Publisher Praeger Publishers
Country United States
Pages 208
ISBN 9780275959258

Flash Point: The American Mass Murderer is a book by Michael D. Kelleher, published by Praeger Publishers, Westport, CT, in 1997.


The crime of mass murder is surrounded by myth, false assumptions, and misinformation. It is frequently sensationalized in the press, while the complex motivations of the perpetrator are ignored or soon forgotten. The mass murderer is rarely a crazed killer who lashes out against his victims in a mindless frenzy of violence. This book examines not only the crime of mass murder, but also the complex motivations of the mass murderer, presenting a completely new method of categorizing and analyzing the crime and its perpetrator. The evolving nature of the crime is examined in the context of actual case histories of mass murder in America. Kelleher's insights will be of interest to criminologists and anyone interested in the sociology of crime.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter* Page
Illustrations ix
Introduction xi
Chapter 1 – The Crime and the Criminal 1
Defining Mass Murder 2
Chapter 2 – Perverted Love 41
Chapter 3 – Politics and Hate 67
Chapter 4 – Revenge 81
Chapter 5 – Sexual Homicide 103
Chapter 6 – Mass Executions 111
Chapter 7 – Sane or Insane 119
Chapter 8 – The Unexplained 139
Chapter 9 – Inside the Mind of a Mass Murderer 153
Chapter 10 – Tomorrow's Mass Murderer 167
Chapter 11 – A Survey of American Mass Murderers 173
Appendix 1: A Survey of Some Notorious American Serial Killers 183
Appendix 2: Organized and Disorganized Serial Killers 187
Appendix 3: Chronology of Patrick Purdy 191
Appendix 4: The Five Most Deadly U.S. Mass Murders 193
Appendix 5: Timeline of the Oklahoma City Bombing 195
Selected Bibliography 199
Index 203

*Sub-chapters are incomplete.

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