Fabio Jesús Pino
Occupation Policeman
Born ca. 1936

June 28, 1962(1962-06-28) (aged 25)
Mariquita, Colombia

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date June 28, 1962
6 a.m. – 6:30 a.m.
Location(s) Mariquita, Colombia
Killed 6
Weapon(s) Automatic rifle

Fabio Jesús Pino was a Colombian policeman who killed six people in Mariquita, Tolima, Colombia on June 28, 1962, before committing suicide.[1][2][3]

Pino was a member of the National Police and was stationed at the garrison in Mariquita. He was considered one of the best agents operating in northern Tolima and had been decorated several times.

During the night from June 27 to June 28 Pino roamed through the town and drank large amounts of alcohol at various locations. During his drinking binge he was still wearing his uniform and carried his service rifle. Shortly before six in the morning he appeared with a bleeding wound on his head that was apparently caused by a machete, though it was not known when and why he had received it.

Pino went to a tavern in the red-light district, belonging to his girlfriend Julia Ana Díaz, where he arrived around 6 a.m. He entered a bedroom and found Díaz engaging in a lively chat with José Vicente Arbaláez, a merchant from nearby Padua who was in the town to acquire wares for his store. Presumably actuated by jealousy Pino shot both of them dead.

The shooting was witnessed by a nearby driver named Carlos Carrillo, who immediately informed the police command, and the first patrol, headed by officer Serafin Gómez Cuéllar, arrived at the scene shortly thereafter. Police surrounded the building, but when Gómez ordered him to surrender and leave the tavern Pino opened fire, killed Gómez on the spot, fatally hit Carlos Carrillo, and then used the moment of confusion to hijack a passing jeep. He commanded the driver to take him to Armero, but when they were driving through the town center Pino ordered to halt at the residence of his friend Alfonso Toro.

The 25-year-old exited the vehicle, went to knock on Toro's door, and as soon as his friend opened, he shot him dead. He also killed Toro's niece Aminta Rodríguez, who was alarmed by the gunfire and rushed to see what had happened. Afterwards Pino mounted a horse standing at the roadside and headed back to Diaz's tavern. There he soon found himself surrounded by police, whereupon he stripped off his clothes, and shot himself in the head. In total the incident had lasted less than half an hour.[4]


  • José Vicente Arbaláez
  • Carlos Carrillo
  • Julia Ana Díaz, his girlfriend
  • Serafin Gómez Cuéllar, policeman
  • Aminta Rodríguez, 13, niece of Alfonso Toro
  • Alfonso Toro, his friend


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