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Erwin Mikolajczyk
Born ca. 1955

March 9, 1994(1994-03-09) (aged 39)
Euskirchen, Germany

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date March 9, 1994
12:58 p.m. CET
Location(s) Euskirchen, Germany
Killed 6
Injured 8
Weapon(s) .45-caliber Colt pistol
Homemade bomb

Erwin Mikolajczyk was a German rampage killer who killed six people and wounded eight others at the district court in Euskirchen, Germany on March 9, 1994.

Just after his appeal against a sentence for assaulting his former girlfriend, Vera Lamesic, had ended with an upholding of his conviction, 39-year-old Erwin Mikolajczyk re-entered the court building armed with .45-caliber Colt pistol and a homemade bomb in a backpack. In the hallway he fatally shot Lamesic, two women who had accompanied her, as well as two other people, and then entered the court room where he killed 33-year-old Alexander Schäfer, the judge who had convicted him. When he ran out of bullets, Mikolajczyk killed himself by detonating the bomb. A total of eight people were also wounded in the attack.[1]


  • Peter Kurth
  • Vera Lamesic, 56
  • Agnes Müller
  • Peter Preuß
  • Marianne Rübsam
  • Alexander Schäfer, 33

In popular cultureEdit

The film Tag der Abrechnung – Der Amokläufer von Euskirchen, released the same year and starring Christoph Waltz as Erwin Mikolajczyk, is based on the incident.[2]


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