Ernesto Abuloc
Birth name Ernesto H. Abuloc
Occupation Pilot
Born ca. 1937
Penalty Sentenced to death
Attack information
Date March 31, 1977
Location(s) Tawi-Tawi, Philippines
Target(s) Passengers
Killed 7
Injured 9-15
Weapon(s) M-16
Motive Robbery

Ernesto H. Abuloc (also identified as Ernesto Agdulos, or Agbulo) was a Filipino pilot who killed seven people and wounded at least nine others during a flight from Zamboanga City to Tawi-Tawi, Philippines on March 31, 1977. He was afterwards arrested and sentenced to death.

While flying soldiers to the southern Philippines in a private charter plane Abuloc suddenly grabbed the M-16 in his cockpit and began shooting at his passengers. Six of the 34 soldiers aboard, as well as a stewardess were killed and a further nine wounded. Military investigators he told that he had a blackout after having breakfast and cannot remember anything of his deed, as he regained his senses only after landing in Zamboanga City.[1][2][3][4][5]

Was a pilot for Swiftair, flew a Douglas DC-3, transported 34 passengers from Zamboanga City to a military base on the island Tawi-Tawi, when approaching Sanga-Sanga Airport took an M-16, fired at passengers until he was overpowered and tied up, plane was then flown back to Zamboanga City by the co-pilot, Abuloc was taken to hospital then handed over to investigators, among those killed were a navy lieutenant, four marines, a stewardess, Maria Lim and nurse A. Ramos, among the wounded was a nurse, the others were all members of the military.[6]

initially claimed to have had a blackout, but later confessed that robbery was the motive for the shooting, wanted to kill crew and passengers, then escape with the 700,000 pesos one of them was carrying, stated that he had an accomplice on the ground with whom he wanted to escape after landing, stated that he knew among his passengers was the branch manager of the Philippines National Bank at Bungao with a case containing 700,000 pesos, soldiers had deposited their weapons with pilot for security reasons, [7]

Planned to kill all passengers and escape with the 700,000 pesos one of them was carrying.[8]

was charged with multiple homcide, attempted homicide, illegal possession of firearms, and armed robbery, pleaded guilty, was sentenced to death by a military court on November 22, 1978.[9]


Among those killed were:

  • Maria Magdalena Lim, 26, stewardess
  • A. Ramos, 25, nurse


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