Erminio Criscione
Erminio Criscione
Background information
Born (1955-12-03)December 3, 1955
Catania, Italy

March 9, 1992(1992-03-09) (aged 36)
Lugano, Switzerland

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date March 4, 1992
Location(s) Rivera, Massagno & Origlio, Switzerland
Killed 6
Injured 6
Weapon(s) Kalashnikov 7.62x39mm semi-automatic rifle

Erminio Criscione (December 3, 1955 - March 9, 1992) was an Italian rampage killer who killed six people and wounded six others in three villages near Lugano, Switzerland on March 4, 1992. He was arrested afterwards, but committed suicide in his prison cell a few days later.[1]


  • Ildo Ghezzi, 64
  • Costanza Balerna
  • Paolo Balerna, 35, brother of Costanza Balerna
  • Dario Solca, 66
  • Lucia Solca, 60, wife of Dario Solca
  • Luca Solca, 24, son of Dario and Lucia Solca

Those wounded were: Alice Balerna, 5, Chiara Balerna, 7, Sandra Balerna, 33, Ugo Balerna, 62, Silvana Ghezzi, 52, Franco Greco[2]


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