Ethnicity Dayak

July 21, 1883
Sungi Limtah Undup, Malaysia

Cause of death Killed
Attack information
Date July 21, 1883
4 a.m.
Location(s) Sungi Limtah Undup, Malaysia
Killed 4
Injured 9
Weapon(s) Sword

Dueh was an Malay who killed four people and wounded nine others in Sungi Limtah Undup, a place in Sarawak, Malaysia on July 21, 1883, before being killed himself.

Dueh, together with a group of other Dayaks, was on his way to Sabu to repair a jungle path connecting the village with Simanggang, and during the night from July 20 to July 21 the group rested at the house of a man named Bulik in Sungi Limtah Undup. At 4 a.m. Dueh got up, took a sword, and attacked his companions, who were still sleeping on the verandah, thus killing a man named Koote, and wounding twelve more, three of them fatally, before escaping. The others immediately began their search for Dueh, and when they discovered him, they killed him, since he offered resistance. No reason was given for the attack, though Dueh was said to have had maniacal tendencies.[1][2]


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