Conrado Ancheta
Occupation Soldier
Attack information
Date March 6, 1988
Location(s) San Francisco, Quezon, Philippines
Killed 4
Injured 6
Weapon(s) M14 rifle

Conrado Ancheta was a Filipino soldier who killed four people and wounded six others in San Francisco, Quezon, Philippines on March 6, 1988.

Pfc. Ancheta, who was a member of the 42nd infantry battalion and supposedly suffering from high fever, barged into the municipal hall of the town, and for unknown reasons began shooting people at random with an M14 rifle. He then escaped into a mountainous area and took a man named Raul Landicho hostage.[1][2]


  • Oscar Edades, 35
  • Pablo Gemal, 67, security guard of the mayor
  • Celestino Rex
  • Juanito Roxas

Those wounded were Jose Benduia, Jimmy Maceda, police officers Primitivo Ramirez and Rodrigo Saddul, as well as two unidentified civilians.


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