Chu Koi
SS Hong Peng
The S.S. Hong Peng after a typhoon in 1937.
Background information
Occupation Coolie

November 22, 1926
S.S. Hong Peng

Cause of death Killed
Attack information
Date November 17, 1926
10 a.m.
Location(s) S.S. Hong Peng
Target(s) Ship passengers
Killed 0
Injured 15
Weapon(s) Double-edged dagger

Chu Koi was a Chinese hatch coolie who injured 15 people aboard the S.S. Hong Peng, a ship of the Singaporean Ho Hong Steamship Company on November 17, 1926.

The ship had left Singapore for Hong Kong with over one thousand passengers on November 16, and not long after its departure Chu Koi attacked the other people on board with a double-edged dagger, injuring at least 13 passengers and one other person. Chu Koi died on November 22 of injuries he had sustained during his subjection.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


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