Cho Sang Kook
Occupation Soldier
Born ca. 1930

January 23, 1958(1958-01-23) (aged 27)
Hongcheon, South Korea

Cause of death Suicide
Attack information
Date January 23, 1958
Location(s) Hongcheon, South Korea
Target(s) Soldiers
Killed 6
Weapon(s) 5mm pistol

Cho Sang Kook (Korean: 조상구/趙相九) was a South Korean army captain who killed six people in Hongcheon, South Korea during the night of January 23, 1958.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Cho, a member of a reconnaissance company, was relieved of his command for his involvement in some sort of finance related scandal. When his request to explain his behaviour was declined he drew a 5mm pistol and began shooting at his colleagues. He first killed his successor captain Hwang Gi-seol, as well as lieutenants Yang Hi-seol and Han Bong-su, who were drinking in a tavern near the base, and then returned to the camp, where he killed Lee Yong-bok, Kim Su-man, and Park Yang-jin. Afterwards the 27-year-old committed suicide.[7]


  • Captain Hwang Gi-seol (황기설), 30
  • Lieutenant Yang Hi-seol (양히설), 26
  • Lieutenant Han Bong-su (한봉수), 30
  • Lieutenant Lee Yong-bok (이종복), 27
  • Sergeant Kim Su-man (김수만), 30
  • Sergeant Park Yang-jin (박양진), 26


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