Cavite amok case
Date February 18, 1866
Location(s) Cavite, Philippines
Killed 1
Injured 11
Perpetrator Soldier
Weapon(s) Dagger

On February 18, 1866 a Filipino soldier killed at least one person and wounded eleven others in Cavite, Philippines.

That day the soldier entered a schoolteacher's house, and during a struggle stabbed him with a dagger. He also killed the teacher's son and then went out into the street, where he injured two girls aged 10 and 12. Rushing down the street he stabbed a woman in the side, a 9-year-old boy in the arm, and mortally wounded a coachman with a stab in the abdomen. Furthermore he injured a second woman, a sailor, and three soldiers. Back at the barracks the soldier was stopped by a sentry, whereupon he stabbed himself in the chest.[1][2]


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  2. Diario de Manila (February 21, 1866)

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