Carmelo Dugay
Occupation Airman
Born ca. 1954
Attack information
Date May 26, 1990
Location(s) Bacarra, Philippines
Killed 7+
Injured 12
Weapon(s) M-16

Carmelo Dugay was a Filipino airman who killed at least seven people and wounded twelve others in Bacarra, Philippines on May 26, 1990, before fleeing.

Dugay, who was assigned to a radar station in Ilocos Norte, was resting after guard duty, but for unknown reasons the 36-year-old emerged from his room with an M-16 assault rifle and opened fire at mourners who were attending a wake for one of his colleagues in a nearby house.

Among those killed were a retired lieutenant, and five civilians, as well as an airman who died in hospital,[1] while two airmen and ten civilians were wounded.[2][3][4] At least two of the wounded may have succumbed to their injuries later on.[5]


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