Carl Dalrymple
Carl Dalrymple and family
Dalrymple and his family.
Background information
Occupation Auto mechanic
Born ca. 1915
Penalty Life imprisonment
Attack information
Date May 17, 1943
Location(s) Crossville, Alabama, United States
Target(s) Family
Killed 6
Weapon(s) .38-caliber handgun

Carl Dalrymple was an American auto mechanic who killed his wife and five children in Crossville, Alabama, United States on May 17, 1943, before attempting to commit suicide. He survived however and was sentenced to life imprisonment.



  • Unice Mae Dalrymple, 24, his wife
  • Gaynell Dalrymple, 9, his daughter
  • Martha Jean Dalrymple, 7, his daughter
  • Mary Lou Dalrymple, 5, his daughter
  • Jimmie Frankin Dalrymple, 3, his son
  • Unnamed infant, 1 month


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