Branimir Donchev
Branimir Donchev
Background information
Occupation Student
Born October 4, 1957

February 7, 1975(1975-02-07) (aged 17)

Cause of death Shot by police
Penalty Found to be insane
Parents Doncho Donchev
Attack information
Date December 25, 1974
Location(s) Dŭrvenitsa, Sofia, Bulgaria
Target(s) University hostel
Killed 8
Injured 8
Weapon(s) Walther semi-automatic pistol

Branimir Donchev (Kyrillic: Бранимир Дончев) was a Bulgarian rampage killer who killed eight people and wounded eight others with a pistol and a knife at a university hostel in Dŭrvenitsa, a suburb of Sofia, Bulgaria on December 25, 1974. The 17-year-old, a secondary school pupil who had no affiliation to the hostel or the university, was arrested. Among the victims were four foreign students, one of whom was killed.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


Branimir Donchev weapons

Donchev's weapons

Among the victims were:

  • Elena (Елена), pregnant
  • Stoyan (Стоян), husband of Elena
  • Hoon Thaye Lan (Хун Тхай Лан), Vietnamese
  • Stefan (Стефан)
  • Wu Nong Swann (Ву Нон Суан), Vietnamese


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