Born to Raise Hell: The Untold Story of Richard Speck
Born to Raise Hell
Covers of the Hardcover and Softcover edition by Grove Press, and the 1984 edition by Hallberg Publishing.
Author(s) Jack Altman
Marvin Ziporyn
Alternate title(s) Speck: The Untold Story of a Mass Murderer
Published 1967
Publisher Grove Press
Country United States
Pages 256

Born to Raise Hell: The Untold Story of Richard Speck - The Man, The Crime, The Trial is a book by Jack Altman and Marvin Ziporyn, published by Grove Press in 1967. It was also published under the title Speck: The Untold Story of a Mass Murderer by Hallberg Publishing, Tampa, FL, in 1984, and in French under the title L'assassin des huit nurses: l'histoire de Richard Speck, l'homme, le crime, le procès by Stock, Paris in 1968.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter Page
A Routine Task 7
The Available Facts 17
"I Hope They Catch the Son of a Bitch" 27
Turning the Clock Back 44
A Dead Ringer 51
The Dizzy Feeling 59
No Nightmares 71
A Razor Blade 80
The Prosecution Makes a Move 88
Crimes and Peccadillos 95
A Question of Manhood 102
"Nothing Like a Dame" 109
A Broken Toy 115
The Panel Delivers a Judgment 121
Madonnas and Prostitutes 130
A Meeting with Getty 138
A Parakeet with Clipped Wings 143
Christmas Cards 149
"Nobody Deserves to Die" 157
Dallas 162
"That Will Never Be" 173
A Turtle-Neck Sweater 182
Something to Live For 187
Monkey at the Typewriter 195
"It's All Imitation" 202
"If a Black Mamba Bites You" 208
Peoria 216
The Trial Begins 220
The Perpetrator 227
Afterword by Marvin Ziporyn, M.D. 245


  • Grove Press, 1967. (Hardcover)
  • Grove Press, 1967. (Softcover)
  • Stock, 1968. (Hardcover) (French translation)
  • Hallberg Publishing, 1984. (Softcover) ISBN 9780873190251

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