Bolesław Kabacik
Born ca. 1880
Attack information
Date September 6, 1906
Location(s) Góra Kalwaria, Russian Empire
Target(s) Patients at psychiatric hospital
Killed 7
Injured 1
Weapon(s) Axe

Bolesław Kabacik was a Polish mental patient who killed seven people and wounded an eighth at an asylum in Góra Kalwaria, Congress Poland, Russian Empire on September 6, 1906, before being subdued.[1][2][3]


Kabacik went to szkoła realna (a type of secondary school), but left in 4th grade when he was unable to continue studying due to dizziness. Afterwards he became a locksmith's apprentice, but when he showed signs of confusion his family put him in a psychiatric hospital.[4]

He was first admitted to the John of God hospital for the insane in Warsaw, yet in 1900 was transferred to the mental hospital in Góra Kalwaria, a building that was originally used as a boarding school by the Piarists, and then as a home for elderly and cripples, but gradually turned into a psychiatric institution and at the time of the murders housed 294 patients, 222 of whom were deemed mentally ill.[5][6]

According to Dr. Rzeszotarski, director of the facility, Kabacik developed an adventurous and bloodthirsty disposition two years after his admission. Amongst other things he was reported to have ripped a cat into several pieces, killed a calf, and torn feathers from living birds. However, he was still considered mild compared to the other patients.[5][6]

Due to his behaviour Dr. Rzeszotarski ordered his personnel to pay more attention to Kabacik and not to use him for menial work like some of the other patients, though as the hospital was understaffed and since Kabacik was quieter during the time preceding the murders the order was not strictly enforced.[5][6]


On September 6, 1906 Kabacik was assigned by a surgeon named Nowakowski to chop wood, but when two caretakers, guiding a group of 30 patients back from garden work, passed by he rushed from Nowakowski's living quarters and attacked them. He first hacked the two nearest patients in the head and then chased and hacked the others, who partially fled in terror, partially stayed put due to their mental and physical disabilities.[4][5]

While one of the nurses led the patients to safety the other grabbed a whippletree lying in the courtyard and threw it at Kabacik's legs when he charged at him. Immobilized by the pain Kabacik discarded his weapon and was overpowered without further resistance. By that time seven of the patients were dead, while another was taken to the infirmary with serious wounds.[4][5]

The following day the Warsaw head of charitable establishments, the deputy attorney of the Warsaw district court Anczyn, and representatives of the local administration arrived at the scene.[5] After being put in solitary confinement Kabacik regained his senses and under tears realized what he had done. Asked about the reason for the attack he stated that he had the impression the others wanted to murder him.[4][5]


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