Belarminio Antonio Rodríguez
Occupation Soldier
Attack information
Date March 25/26, 1968
Location(s) Valverde Province, Dominican Republic
Killed 6
Injured 9
Weapon(s) Mauser rifle

Belarminio Antonio Rodríguez was a Dominican soldier who killed six people and wounded nine others, several of them seriously, in Valverde Province, Dominican Republic during the night from March 25 to March 26, 1968.[1][2]

Private Rodríguez, who was apparently despondent over an unsuccessful romance, left his barracks armed with a Mauser rifle and 300 rounds of ammunition, and randomly shot at people in the square outside and in the streets. He was later arrested by an army patrol. The army formed a commission to investigate the incident.[3][4]


  • Luis Manuel Gómez
  • Alejo Martínez
  • Juana María Peralta
  • Salvador Pichardo
  • Graciela Rosario, 5
  • Partria Suero


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