Ethnicity Buginese
Occupation Soldier
Attack information
Date September 29, 1891
5 a.m.
Location(s) Semarang, Dutch East Indies
Killed 0
Injured 12+
Weapon(s) Machete

Batjook was an Indonesian soldier who wounded at least twelve people in Semarang, Dutch East Indies on September 29, 1891.

That morning, at about 5 a.m., the Buginese fusilier, who was apparently jealous of the wife of one of his comrades, took a machete and attacked people at the Wurtemburgian barracks (Wurtemburgsche kazerne), until he was overpowered by a native sergeant, after being hit on the head, and stabbed in the hand with a bayonet.

Among his victims were a European sergeant only identified as A., who was wounded in the eye, a guard, whose thumb was hacked off, a woman, who was wounded in the arm, as well as the woman's daughter, who was chopped in the jaw. In total 13 people were brought to the military hospital, though it is unknown if Batjook himself was counted among them.

After his arrest Batjook explained that those he had wounded were actually not his intended victims, and that he had not come across those he had initially planned to attack. On October 10 he was released from hospital and transferred to the house of the military provost, where he was waiting to be court-martialed.[1][2][3]


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