Basilio Martínez Avila
Occupation Student
Born ca. 1950
Attack information
Date November 13, 1971
Location(s) Bárcena, Guatemala
Target(s) Instituto Técnico de Agricultura
Killed 2
Injured 15
Weapon(s) Machete

Basilio Martínez Avila was a Guatemalan agriculture student who killed two people and seriously wounded 15 others at the Instituto Técnico de Agricultura in Bárcena, Villa Nueva, Guatemala on November 13, 1971.[1][2]

During the early hours of that day Martínez rose from his bed at the school dormitory, armed himself with a machete, and first attacked the sleeping students in his room, before turning against another group of students. He killed student Vinicio Guzmán, by hacking him in the face and body, as well as guardian Francisco Aldana García, when he attempted to stop him, and wounded 15 other people, among them a police officer who tried to disarm him. After half an hour the 21-year-old was eventually overpowered by the other students and sent to hospital for medical examination.[3]


  • Francisco Aldana García, 55
  • Vinicio Guzmán, 17


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