Author(s) Daniels, Jeffrey A.
Bradley, Mary C.
Year 2011
Title Averted School Rampages
Published in Daniels, Jeffrey A. & Bradley, Mary C.: Preventing Lethal School Violence; Springer, New York.
ISBN 9781441981066
Pages 45–56
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4419-8107-3_4
Abstract In this chapter, we examine school shooting rampages that have been averted. We begin with an example of an averted shooting/bombing rampage at a large high school, and then address the importance of studying near misses. We then turn our attention to research methods employed in studies of averted LSV, followed by a description of the results of two key studies. Finally, we compare and contrast findings between schools that averted LSV and those that experienced a school shooting.

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