Aurangabad familicide
Date February 9, 1980
Location(s) Aurangabad, India
Target(s) Husband's family
Killed 9
Injured 6
Weapon(s) Insecticide

On February 9, 1980 an Indian woman poisoned 15 members of her husband's family, nine of them fatally, in Aurangabad, India.

The woman was said to have been unhappy with her second husband and quarrelled often with him. After an argument on February 9 she laced flour with insecticide and baked bread, which she then gave to her husband's family. Five men and four women died from the poisoned food, while six others, among them her husband, were brought to hospital. Police initially suspected food posioning behind the deaths, but when several dogs and crows also died after consuming the bread they started an investigation which eventually resulted in the arrest of the woman.[1]


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