Antonio Toling
Jose Toling
Occupation Farmers
Born ca. 1917 (both)
Penalty Both were sentenced to death
Attack information
Date January 8, 1965
8 p.m.
Location(s) Santa Rosa City, Philippines
Target(s) Train passengers
Killed 8
Injured 7
Weapon(s) Knife

Antonio and Jose Toling were two Filipino twin brothers who killed eight people and wounded seven others on a train near Santa Rosa City, Philippines on January 8, 1965. Four more died by jumping out of the train. They were both sentenced to death.[1][2][3][4]


  • Teodoro F. Bautista, 72
  • Modesta R. Brondial 58
  • Isabelo S. Dando, 45
  • Elena B. Erminio 10
  • Teresita B. Escanan, 25
  • Isabel Felices, 60
  • Susana C. Hernandez, 46,
  • Antonio B. Mabisa, 28
  • Timoteo U. Dimaano, 53, died by jumping out of the train
  • Miguel C. Oriarte, 45, died by jumping out of the train
  • Salvador A. Maqueda 52, died by jumping out of the train
  • Shirley A. Valenciano, 27, died by jumping out of the train

Among those wounded were:

  • Lucila Pantoja
  • Armanda Mapa-Dizon
  • Brigida Sarmiento-Palma
  • Cipriano Reganet
  • Corazon Bernal-Astrolavio


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