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Occupation Coolie

May 27, 1897
Gunsat's Kampong, North Borneo

Cause of death Shot dead
Spouse(s) Sumboh
Attack information
Date May 27, 1897
Location(s) Gunsat's Kampong, North Borneo
Killed 15
Injured 3
Weapon(s) Kris

Antakin was a Bornean coolie who killed six women and nine men, three of them youths, and wounded two other women and a man in Gunsat's Kampong near Keningau, North Borneo, on May 27, 1897.

According to reports Antakin killed his wife after finding out that she had an affair with a man named Egah, and then rushed through the street stabbing people at random with his kris, until he was shot dead by one of Gunsat's followers.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


  • Belawan, female
  • Bindong, male
  • Dingnat, male
  • Lana, male
  • Lapidan, female
  • Latam, youth
  • Pandong, male
  • Rumoh, youth
  • Sambing, male
  • Sindon, female
  • Sumboh, Antakin's wife
  • Tadauh, female
  • Telukhan, male
  • Tuangud, youth
  • Umok, female