Andrew Day
Andrew Day
Background information
Born ca, 1890
Penalty Found to be insane
Attack information
Date December 15/16, 1929
Location(s) Trois-Rivières, Canada
Target(s) Family
Killed 8
Weapon(s) Axe

Andrew Day was a Canadian who killed his wife and seven sons in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada during the night from December 15 to December 16, 1929.[1][2][3][4][5]

Day had a brother named Thomas and married Agatha Coughlin from Milltown, New Brunswick. At the time of the murders he and his family had been inhabitants of Trois-Rivières for about four years, where they lived in a house on 13 Laurier Street. He was described by neighbours as a quiet and peaceful man and worked at a local pulp and paper company, earning about ten dollars a day, however, in 1929 he lost all savings on the stock exchange and was unable to sleep for six or seven days in the time leading up to the killings.[6][7][8]

During the aforementioned night Day grabbed an axe and killed his pregnant wife and seven sons, aged one to fourteen years, in their sleep by hacking their throats. None of them offered any resistance. In the early hours he cut his own throat with a razor, left his home, and wandered about the streets, until he approached a policeman and revealed his wound, stating that he had murdered his family and injured himself. The 39-year-old was brought to the police station, where he confessed again to the murders, and then taken in serious condition to a hospital for treatment, where appeared depressed.[6][7][8]

When police entered the Day home they found the murder weapon and the entire house splattered with blood. Mrs. Day was discoverd lying alone in her bed, while the bodies of the children were in their beds in two other rooms.[6][7]

Day's trial started on March 13, 1930 where he entered a plea of not guilty and on March 19 he was declared mentally unfit to stand trial, whereupon he was confined to a mental institution pending the pleasure of the Lieutenant-Governor.[9][10][11]



  • Agatha Coughlin Day, 40, his wife
  • Jimmy Day, 13, his son
  • Billy Day, 8, his son
  • Freddy Day, 7, his son
  • Andrew Day, 6, his son
  • Emmett Day, 3, his son
  • Daniel Day, his son
  • Peter Day, his son


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