Ethnicity Malay

April 12, 1878
Telok Blangah, Singapore

Attack information
Date April 12, 1878
Location(s) Telok Blangah, Singapore
Killed 0
Injured 16+
Weapon(s) Sword

Aihin was a Malay who wounded at least 16 people in Telok Blangah, a district of Singapore on April 12, 1878.[1]

At about 10 p.m. that night Aihin had a quarrel with his wife, apparently out of jealousy, after which he took a sword and a chopper and went outside. His wife warned him that police would arrest him, but instead of returning back into the house Aihin managed to persuade her to accompany him. Once they were out on the street he attacked his wife with his sword, and continued to do so, when she fell into a ditch, inflicting a deep cut on her shoulders.

Alerted by the noise two policemen and other citizens rushed to the scene, whereupon Aihin ran amok among them, and seriously wounded six Malays and three Chinese, while causing slight injuries to seven more. He was eventually subdued and taken to police station, where he died shortly afterwards of a wound of unknown origin.

Upon hearing that Aihin had been arrested by police, his brother seized a sword, ran out into the street, and boarded a sampan. When a policeman jumped after him into the boat Aihin's brother wounded him with a slash in the face, and in the ensuing struggle both plunged into the water. Aihin's brother afterwards disappeared and it was unknown if he had drowned or managed to escape.[2]


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