Agents of Mayhem: The Global Phenomenon of Mass Murder
Killing for Pleasure
Covers of the 2000, 2001, and 2010 edition.
Author(s) Bill O'Brien
Alternate title(s) Killing for Pleasure
Published 2000
Publisher David Batemann
Country New Zealand
Pages 302
ISBN 9781869534233

Agents of Mayhem: The Global Phenomenon of Mass Murder is a book by Bill O'Brien, published by David Batemann, Auckland and Hachette Australia, Port Melbourne, VIC, in 2000. It was also published by John Blake, London, in 2001 under the title Killing for Pleasure.

Table of contentsEdit

Chapter Page*
Acknowledgements 6
Preface 9
Charles Whitman 13
James Huberty 41
Julian Knight 57
Michael Ryan 83
Frank Vitkovic 105
David Gray 145
George Hennard 167
Thomas Hamilton 193
Martin Bryant 217
The Pseudo-Commandos 242
The Global Phenomenon 271
Epilogue 295
Glossary 300

*Page numbers taken from the 2001 edition.


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