Abel Klemmensen
Born ca. 1971
Penalty Indefinite detention
Imprisoned at Herstedvester
Attack information
Date January 1, 1990
Location(s) Narsaq, Greenland
Killed 7
Injured 1
Weapon(s) Remington Model 552 BDL semi-automatic rifle

Abel Klemmensen (aka. Abel Mikaelsen) is a Greenlander who killed seven people and wounded another in Narsaq, Greenland on January 1, 1990.[1][2]

That night the 18-year-old student had a dispute with his best friend at a New Year's party at a club in Ungbo for taking the side of a girl he was angry at. Feeling betrayed he went home to retrieve a semi-automatic rifle, and then returned with the intention to kill all attendants of the party and commit suicide afterwards.

In two rooms on the first floor he shot three women and four men, including his own brother, who was wounded by a shot through the cheek. While walking downstairs to the living room he shot a fourth woman. He had fired eleven rounds and hit all of his victims in the head. Three men and two women died at the scene, while two other women succumbed to their injuries in hospital. His courage failing him to commit suicide Klemmensen then went home to sleep, where he was later arrested by police.[3][4]

He was diagnosed as suffering from narcissitic personality disorder and was sentenced to indefinite detention at a psychiatric institution in March 1991. He is imprisoned in Herstedvester.[5]


  • Henrik Barnabassen, 34
  • Kathrine Broberg, 18
  • Paarnannguaq Godtfredsen, 26
  • Jakob Grønvold, 18
  • Tove Isaksen, 19
  • Bibiane Kristiansen, 29
  • Egede Tittusen, 33

Wounded was Kristian Klemmensen, 22.


Bryld, Tine & Kløvedal Helweg, Pernille: Abel; Gyldendal, 1992. ISBN 9788700125483


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