Abbas Khan
Occupation Soldier
Attack information
Date September 1896
Location(s) Jabbar, British Raj
Killed 11
Injured 2
Weapon(s) Sword

Abbas Khan was an Indian soldier who killed eleven people, most of them relatives of his, and wounded two others in Jabbar, a village in Jhelum District, British Raj in September 1896.[1]

Khan, a sowar of the Corps of Guides, was on a two months leave at Jabbar from Hoti Mardan. During his stay he reportedly had a dispute with one of his brothers regarding the distribution of house property and bullocks, and furthermore accused his wife of having an affair, also with one of his brothers.

One night Khan armed himself with a sword and a kukri, climbed onto the roof of his brother's house, and killed him, as well as his sister-in-law. He also murdered another of his relatives when he came up the ladder to investigate about the noise, and afterwards killed his own wife. Khan then went to the house of another of his brothers, where he killed his sister, and two nephews, before fleeing the village, with police in pursuit.

Two days later, at dawn, Khan returned to Jabbar and first murdered the local chowkidar, before entering the home of one of his brothers. There he killed three more people, and seriously wounded two others, but was finally surrounded by villagers, disarmed, and taken into custody.[2][3][4]


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