1951 Egypt amok case
Date September 1951
Location(s) Egypt
Killed 7
Weapon(s) Pistol

In September 1951 an Egyptian killed seven people in the Nile Delta, Egypt, after a man cut his son's throat. The boy had thrown a stone at a passing camel carrying the village mayor, and blinded the animal in one eye. The son of the mayor swore to kill him for this, making a "divorce oath", meaning that he would have to leave his wife, if he did not fulfill it.

When the father of the boy offered to buy the camel, the mayor's son refused, whereupon he consulted the village sheikh and religious leader. They advised that the oath could be fulfilled by drawing the dull edge of a knife across the boy's throat, and that the father should buy the injured animal.

Both parties agreed to the proposal, which was supposed to be put into practice at a village council. When the boy presented his throat to the mayor's son the latter initially applied the knife's dull edge, but when drawing it across reversed the blade and severed the boy's jugular vein. Thereupon the father, who had been aroused by his wife's supicions, drew a pistol and shot dead the murderer of his son, the mayor, the village sheikh, and four other people in the crowd, before he was subdued.[1][2][3][4][5]

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